Making the most of the winter weather

My hometown of Cheltenham was covered in snow, seemingly overnight, on the weekend.

It’s quite sad to admit that the first thing that went through my head was that this would make for some great photos and film.

After a bit of sledging on Sunday afternoon, I came back to my flat just off Bath Road, grabbed my camera and headed out to do some street photography in the dark. The street lights and snow created some lovely effects. I pushed the shutter speed up to around 500 to highlight how heavily the snow was falling and boosted the ISO up to around 8,000, which my Sony A7Sii deals with comfortably with minimal noise. I edited the lot in black and white, which I think added to the mood.

The sun came out on Monday, which meant only one thing – get the drone up Leckhampton Hill. I ventured up with my dad and our family dog Seve. Due to road closures around the usual parking spots on the hill, the place was deserted. I popped the drone up for ten minutes and then edited the footage into the film below:

The Gloucestershire Echo, my local newspaper, ran a story on the drone film. The article can be found by CLICKING HERE.

I also grabbed some stills while up there. All shot on my Sony A7Sii with the Canon 24-105mm f4 lens:

A final note while on the topic of all things snowy and Christmassy, I had a ball filming Dean Close School’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ social media video campaign. Each day the school released a clip of a day of Christmas, with lyrics to fit in with the school’s going-ons, with the twelfth day being a full countdown, with outtakes at the end.

Filming was done across two days and, as always, all of the staff and pupils at the school were a delight to work with. Day 12 of the film series can be found below:

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